I’m interested exploring the liminal spaces between control and chaos, between repetition and random, between melody and mystery. I’ve found synthesizers to be wonderful instruments for venturing into the same kinds of science fiction, horror, and spiritual realms that I have addressed in my writing.

Music has a profound effect on the human psyche. Of course, it can just be fun and enjoyable. That’s sometimes the extent of it, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But given the chance, it can also provide opportunities for insight. It can be — all at once — pleasant and challenging, entertaining and spiritual.

I’m creating music for my own enjoyment, to share, and as a counterpoint to my other work. The results are freely available, primarily as videos. If you find them enriching and want to give back, consider buying one of my books, leaving comments and reviews, or making a donation. All your support is greatly appreciated.

Below you will find a few of my favorites, and here is a link to a playlist on YouTube. There are some longer generative ambient pieces, as well as shorter, more performance-based and experimental art pieces. Some are just sketches, others are complete works. Happy listening! :)