“Matthew Lowes delivers high-octane teachings straight, no chaser.
— Joel Morwood, Author of The Way of Selflessness

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Discover an unexpected and profound journey, filled with direct insight, fresh teachings, and guidance for spiritual practice. That Which is Before You is a testimonial, an invitation, and a guidebook written by an ordinary person, who at the age of forty-three, after thirty years of searching, stumbled into enlightenment. He has since endeavored to help others on the spiritual path, and to point toward the realization that great mystics have described throughout the ages.

As a spiritual teacher, Matthew offers direct insight into awakening. He addresses the deep mystery of our true nature through present experience, and when necessary, through a broad knowledge of traditions and practices. His teachings are universal, not tied to any specific religion or philosophy, and are uncompromising of a truth which lies beyond all words, all thoughts, all concepts.

“This is a deadly serious book, direct and to the point. If you read it, follow the instructions, and the time is ripe, it will kill your false sense of self and reveal That Which You Truly Are!”
— Joel Morwood, Author of The Way of Selflessness

“Matthew Lowes articulates spiritual awakening as only a skilled writer can, and in so doing, provides a map for others to follow. This is an important book.”
— Liz Cratty, MAAT, Theologian and Author

“Like a gut punch to your consciousness and beliefs about the nature of reality. Sometimes your delusions need to be knocked out of you. It can hurt and be scary, but there’s a clarity that’s impossible to deny.”
— Kaizen Taki, Founder of Movement Daily

From the Author:
Bearing Witness to Awakening

ml-apic-ccOn April 11th in 2016, something extraordinary happened to me. A sudden, unexpected, and profound spiritual awakening completely transformed my life and perception of reality. After three years of this abiding realization, I’ve decided to talk openly about it. This is likely the work of a lifetime, and not of a single statement or book, but we have to start somewhere if we’re going to have a dialog.

In some traditions it is customary not to speak about enlightenment directly, and there is good reason for that. In the present circumstances, however, it seems helpful if those who have truly awakened bear witness to it. For the most basic teaching is that liberation is possible. Many have forgotten it, discounted it, disregarded it, downgraded it, reinterpreted it, or not heard about it — even in traditions that attest to the possibility of such an awakening. So the testimony and teachings of those who have realized could give people courage to look deeper into their spiritual path.

Until now, I have discussed these events only with my teachers and a few other people. But as a writer, I felt compelled to make an account of my awakening, to set down my insights, and to answer questions to the best of my ability. That work has resulted in two books so far on the topic of spirituality and awakening. The first book, That Which is Before You, is out now. Hence the need to make some kind of statement here.

Trust me, I really never expected to be writing or talking about this kind of thing. But after almost 30 years of searching, I find myself in the situation of trying to convey what has happened to me, as well as the insights and teachings inherent to awakening. I think an open, straight-forward dialog could be of great benefit to seekers and practitioners alike. So let us simply move ahead and do the work required of us, whatever it may be. And may these endeavors help to bring illumination, true happiness, and an end to suffering.

wyasis-smAvailable Now: Paperback / eBook

Outside the US: Australia / Brazil / Canada / France / Germany / India / Italy / Japan / Mexico / Netherlands / Spain / United Kingdom

Chart a course through the whole spiritual journey — from the suffering of existential hopes and fears, through a search for truth, to the unimaginable awakening that awaits us. When You are Silent It Speaks is a map to the landscape of spirituality, and a guide to orienting oneself on the path to genuine Realization. If you have ever longed for the truth, but been confused by or had doubts about the goals, methods, and direction of your spiritual endeavors, here is insight by someone who can speak from direct experience.

This is the second book in a series addressing the topics of enlightenment, awakening, and the spiritual path. Each book stands on its own, although it makes some sense to read them in order. The first book, That Which is Before You, includes an account of my awakening and an overview of insights, teachings, and practices. When You are Silent It Speaks is dedicated to a detailed discussion of the spiritual journey. The topics in this book were selected and organized to explore stages along the spiritual path — beginning, middle, and end. May it aid you on your journey, and may it be of some use in bringing illumination, true happiness, and an end to suffering.

abf-cover-sm Available Now: Paperback / eBook

Decipher the language of spirituality for yourself, by getting to the heart of fundamental questions. Look beyond the confusing rhetoric of dogmatic and philosophical views that focus more on differentiation than on discovery of the Truth. Traditional teachings, conceptual understanding, and intellectual discourse are great, but as the saying goes, don’t mistake a finger for the moon. A Billion Fingers Point at the Moon appears to be about words and language in the context of spiritual traditions, but actually, it is all about the fullness of the moon.

This is the third in this series of books dealing with spirituality and enlightenment. The first book, That Which is Before You, contains an account of my awakening, insights and teachings, as well an overview of spiritual practices. The second book, When You are Silent It Speaks, contains a more detailed discussion of the spiritual journey as a whole. This new book addresses the subject of spiritual language. It deconstructs the vocabulary of spirituality in order to cut through the confusion often created by the multiplicity of words and explanations. Beyond words … beyond the mind … clarity awaits.