Computer or long-hand?

Writers are famous for having wildly different methods of composition. Some write in the morning, some at night, some standing up, and some in bed. Most often I imagine writers go for whatever works for them. I’d like to take a look for a moment at just the physical act of getting the words down.

People often ask me if I write on a computer or long-hand. I say “yes.” The truth is I vary my method quite a bit, at any given time taking the path of least resistance. If I feel constricted at the computer, I’ll break out some loose leaf paper and a pen. Sometimes it’s a disposable rollerball, sometimes it’s a fountain pen. If I’m going out, I’ll take a notebook. At times I’ll write on drawing paper with a pencil as if the whole thing were a graphic exercise. Sometimes I work in a simplified script I invented when pain in my right wrist from too much writing forced me to write with my left hand for a while. I even break out the typewriter occasionally.

For me, often a temporary block will be relieved just by simply changing the method and the medium. The main thing is staying light, relaxed, and mentally fluid so the words can flow naturally. Of course whatever method I use initially, it all goes into a computer eventually.

I’d love to hear from other writers out there on your method of composition, and why you work the way the you do.