A Darkness Forged in Fire

I don’t usually write book reviews, but a title review is another matter, and A Darkness Forged in Fire is perhaps one of the best titles ever. I haven’t read this debut book by Chris Evans yet, but I’ve spent days walking around with this title in my head. I say it over and over to myself, just marveling at the sound of these words together, and the feeling they conjure up.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes a great title, just think about A Darkness Forged in Fire. You may not come to any definite conclusions though, no rule or magic formula. There is always an element of mystery, of wonder, when it comes to great books, great stories, and yes, great titles. In this case, there is real poetry there, and the words seem to resonate with some mythic archetype deep within the primal psyche.

You can read about Chris Evans and A Darkness Forged in Fire at www.ironelves.com.