A message from the Society for Free Text Emoticons

The SFTE believes strongly that the default settings on all electronic devices and software should be free text, with no auto-inserted graphics. Automatically inserted graphics inherently diminish the free and creative use of text. Unfortunately, this is less and less the case as companies and programmers attempt to wow us with flashy, unnecessary, and often unwanted features. %(

The SFTE encourages all software developers to return control to the people and set free text as the default on our devices and applications. Sadly, some application do not even allow free text as an option, essentially censoring our free speech and dictating the use of emoticons. There may yet come a day when it is impossible to type :) even when colon end-parentheses is what your heart truly feels.

The people should be aware, however, that in many cases we still have a choice. It is a choice that is our duty to exercise, a choice for freedom and the right of self expression, over the tyranny of auto-inserted graphics. It may take some time to find the options switch on your cell phone or computer application that will deactivate auto-inserted graphics, but history will look back and remember the sacrifices you make in the name of liberty and freedom. *=*

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