Now Available: A Billion Fingers Point at the Moon

abf-cover-smPaperback and eBook editions of A Billion Fingers Point at the Moon are now available. There were a few delays, so it’s a bit later than expected, but I’m so happy this book is now available and in time for the Holiday season.

This is the third in this series of books dealing with spirituality and enlightenment. The first book, That Which is Before You, contains an account of my awakening, insights and teachings, as well an overview of spiritual practices. The second book, When You are Silent It Speaks, contains a more detailed discussion of the spiritual journey as a whole. This new book addresses the subject of spiritual language. It deconstructs the vocabulary of spirituality in order to cut through the confusion often created by the multiplicity of words and explanations.

Here’s the copy from the back cover:

“Decipher the language of spirituality for yourself, by getting to the heart of fundamental questions. Look beyond the confusing rhetoric of dogmatic and philosophical views that focus more on differentiation than on discovery of the Truth. Traditional teachings, conceptual understanding, and intellectual discourse are great, but as the saying goes, don’t mistake a finger for the moon. A Billion Fingers Point at the Moon appears to be about words and language in the context of spiritual traditions, but actually, it is all about the fullness of the moon.”

I hope you enjoy the book. Please consider posting an Amazon review if you read it. That’s a huge help both for the success of the book and for people searching for good books.