Internet too interconnected?

Matthew Lowes is concerned that the internet is becoming ever more interconnected. I can update my Facebook page with my Twitter account, which also can post widgets to my WordPress Blog, which can post Notes to my Facebook page, which can also stream my Youtube clips and my Flickr photos. Luckily, each of these will send me emails to my Gmail so I know what the hell is going on when other people are posting to my Facebook/Twitter/Wordpress accounts. And thank goodness that when I’m away from the computer I am able to stay in the game using SMS short codes, G3, and wifi.

I am a little concerned though. It’s almost like this internet thing is becoming totally interconnected. Everything is like connected to everything else. It’s becoming one big giant network. It’s almost like somebody designed it that way, like a giant spider web, a global, world-wide web. I know, it’s a little scary when you stop to think about it. The day may come soon when my Twitter will update my Facebook will update my WordPress will update my Gmail, which will then send an automated response to update my Twitter. My accounts won’t even need me any more. I’ll be obsolete.