Solving Plot Problems

If you’ve ever tried to write anything with a complex plot, you can probably relate to the struggle of figuring out how to make everything fit together like magic. If you haven’t, I assure you it can be quite perplexing and laborious. It can also be wonderful, like when you finally figure out that troubling section, and chapters that you dreaded facing suddenly become ones you can’t wait to write.

Hammering out a story’s plot can feel a bit like chipping away an iceberg with a spoon. But if you just keep chipping, you do make progress, and it pays to persevere. It may take hours of research and reading, sitting in the bathtub, staring out the window, and weird dreams in the half-sleep of afternoon naps, but if you keep at it things that seemed impossible to grasp, starts to take shape.

No matter how much serious staring out the window you do though, sometimes you will run into a wall, some part of your story that you can’t quite see yet. In that case, I’ve found the best thing to do is to just continue working on some other aspect of the story. It may seem like that wall will never crumble, but things will change. Sudeenly an idea will come to you that will make the everything clear, and you will wonder why you were ever worried. It seems like magic when it happens.