I have seen the face of death, and it is blue

I’ll be the first one to admit that I messed up. I made a mistake. I hadn’t backed up critical files in about a month. But I’ve had a new computer since August and it’s been working like a charm. I guess I got complacent. My work was going so smoothly I just didn’t think, but you should never trust a computer. One minute they work wonders, and the next, they’re no better than box full of junk.

My computer was working fine earlier in the day, but when I turned it on that night, suddenly I saw the fabled blue screen of death. Actually it was the HP splash screen, but it was blue and certainly signaled a serious problem since it wasn’t going away no matter what I did. My first concern was getting a backup of my recent work. I took the computer to the computer doctor, who called me later to say he was unable to retrieve the files using conventional methods. This was serious.

I’m shattered by the prospect of losing a few chapters, some great scenes, and a month’s worth of work, not to mention countless other files. My stomach is ill with the thought of it.  The hard drive must now be sent to a specialist. It is now on the way to the data recovery center where they assure me there is a very high probability that my files will be saved. Unfortunately it is going cost a lot of money. (You don’t even want to know how much. Just back up your files.)

If I get my work back I’ll be happy, no matter the cost. However, it could be a nervous couple weeks before I know. One of the most frustrating things about computers is that when they fail to work it seems totally random. I know a thing or two but in a case like this I am helpless. I just have to trust the specialists. I have little idea exactly how they are going to get my files back, but until I have them safely back in my hands, I will be praying for the recovery of lost chapters.