Read “Crawlspace” Online

“Crawlspace” was first published in S&M Horror where it placed 3rd in their monthly short story context. It is no longer on their site, but can now can be read here. (There’s also a link on the sidebar.)

I had the idea for this story while standing in my living room one day and thinking about how odd it was that there was this expanse of dark space just beneath the floor, an emptiness that we seldom think of, and in which something strange might dwell.

I’ve had various adventures in the crawlspace of my house. Once I made an exhaustive search for something dead that I never found. It was stinking up the whole house. If you ever have this problem, don’t worry the smell goes away in a week or so. Just don’t think about it too much afterward. Another time I went in there trying to get into my garage after locking myself out, but the hole that had once been there had been sealed up. And there really was a mummified cat down there when I first moved in.

Hope you enjoy the story! Don’t call me if you hear something in your crawlspace.