ShadowSpinners Launch Party!

shadowspinners cover

The ShadowSpinners anthology is available now in print and ebook editions from Amazon and other online retailers. Last week’s book launch party was an amazing event held at the historic Shelton McMurphy Johnson house in Eugene. You couldn’t have asked for a better venue than this creepy old Victorian mansion perched high up on a wooded hill. It was standing room only inside. Great people combined with wine, food, books, and readings make for a memorable evening. And all 13 authors featured in the book were there, which made it an extra special event.

Many thanks to Christina Lay, the editor, one of the authors, and mastermind behind the ShadowSpinners blog and the ShadowSpinners Press, for putting together this great anthology and giving it such a wonderful launch. I couldn’t be more proud to share a book with such an incredible collection of authors: Cheryl Owen-Wilson, Elizabeth Engstrom, Christina Lay, Eric M. Witchey, Stephen T. Vessels, Cynthia Ray, Pamela Jean Herber, Sarina Dorie, Alexis Duran, Lisa Alber, and Alan M. Clark.

Hope you get a chance to read and review the book! Here’s a few snaps from the party, including a group shop of all the authors on the front steps of the Shelton McMurphy Johnson House.








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