Labyrinth of Souls Fiction Keeps Delving Deeper

Immortal's Penance promo picture1

Halloween marks the launch of a new Labyrinth of Souls novel. Check out Immortal’s Penance by L.A. Alber for a journey in the mythic underworld of the ancient Celts. Perfect Halloween reading as the story opens with a Samhain festival, a great time to be digging up a mysterious giant bog body! Taking place in the post WWII era 1950s, in a remote Irish village, this book has a wonderful feel of place, history, and larger-than-life legend.

This is the seventh Labyrinth of Souls novel, and there is more to come. Every book is a unique and stand-alone adventure. I am so proud that I’m a part of this project and that Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls had a part in inspiring these awesome books.


With all the work and excitement of the Dungeon Solitaire: Devil’s Playground Kickstarter and launch the first half of the year, I haven’t had a chance to mention the sixth book, which is also available now. The Snake’s Song by Mary E. Lowd follows the adventures of a squirrel in search of the lost Celestial Fragments of the All-Being. It features a cast of animals, but there are plenty of dangers in the underworld, like sorcerer crabs and an army of ghost moles.

All the Labyrinth of Souls novels are available in print and ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers and ebook providers such as Kobo, Scribd, and Smashwords. Start anywhere and keep delving until you’ve read them all, including:

And keep eye out for Mountain of Ashes by John Reed and Bayou’s Lament by Cheryl Owen-Wilson coming soon!