Mountain of Ashes

A new Labyrinth of Souls novel is out, Mountain of Ashes by John Reed. It’s a wild ride into a strange underworld where Matt Thanos tries to save his life and love from death and doom. This book really has everything: a Harley Davidson, mythic references, cowboys, an exploding trans-dimensional cactus, barfights, chrome lizards, warring gods, and an icebridge! It’s like a psychedelic western of epic proportions. It’s a great adventure, great fun — parts of it are laugh out-loud funny — and I highly recommend it.

John Reed is the author of seven novels and numerous shorter non-fiction works. He has conducted writing workshops, classes and seminars around the country for the past 20 years; his sensitive and insightful critiques have inspired hundreds of writers. His classes on the novel, short stories, essays and magazine writing have given many students a stepping stone to publication. Currently, John is editing a book-length collection of essays by Northwest writers. You can read an author interview here with the release announcement for Mountain of Ashes.

This is the eighth Labyrinth of Souls novel published by ShadowSpinners Press and inspired by the Labyrinth of Souls tarot card game. Every book is a unique adventure into some kind of underground or underworld realm. They’re all great stories by a group of incredibly talented and award-winning authors. It’s so exciting to be a part of this project and see these books coming out.

All the Labyrinth of Souls stand-alone novels are available in print and ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online book retailers and ebook providers such as Kobo, Scribd, and Smashwords. Start anywhere and keep delving until you’ve read them all, including:

And keep eye out for Bayou’s Lament by Cheryl Owen-Wilson coming soon!