My First Post to ShadowSpinners

ssbadgelarge200x154I’m honored to have been invited to join a handful of wonderful writers at ShadowSpinners, a blog from good people who write about bad things. I’ve been in the trenches with many of these writers, cranking out short stories at Elizabeth Engstrom’s ghost-story and fantasy/science fiction weekends, and the initial salvo of posts were a great read.

My first post is up today. I hope you’ll check out the site, link, post, and share. This promises to be an interesting blog for anybody who likes in horror, mystery, and dark fantasy fiction, writing in general, and all things related.

There’s a new post every week!

Roleplaying Games in Development

roleplayingAnnouncing the development of not one, but two roleplaying games: Grimstone and Weird. I have been quietly developing and writing these games for a while now and look forward to having early playtest versions done soon.

Grimstone Fantasy Roleplaying is a traditional fantasy game based in the 3.5 OGL. It will be largely compatible with early editions of the Original Fantasy Roleplaying Game and with the numerous games of the Old School Renaissance. However, Grimstone features a unique class system with specialized feat lines, a fully developed skill system, and a unified system of magic. I am writing the entire game from scratch, including all spells and monsters to acheive a cohesive streamlined system that represents my ideal in fantasy gaming.

Weird Roleplaying is an original universal rules-light system inspired by weird fiction throughout the ages. It is being designed for fast character creation, streamlined gameplay, and easy adaptiblity to any genre, setting, or source materials. I’m very excited about the possiblities for this game. Weird is like a skeleton key for roleplaying games. It is designed to minimize GM prep time and to make improvisation and adapting adventures from other systems easy and intuitive.

Grimstone and Weird will ultimately be released through my company, Ealdanleoht Books and Games along with a number of original adventures for each system. Stay tuned for further developments.