“The Music of Timothy Shean” Ebook Available on Kindle

tMoTSMy Lovecraft inspired tale of weird horror in the town of Auxerre, Wisconsin has hit the bookstore at Amazon in the form of a .99 cent Kindle ebook! “The Music of Timothy Shean” is the first released short story ebook in a series of stories with some connection to Auxerre.

Enjoy a copy your Kindle reader or Kindle apps. Please share, post, and review if you get a chance. It will eventually be released on other platforms as well, but I have no release date yet for Smashwords, Apple, and Nook.

“Some music brings happiness and joy, contentment and hope, but some music has dire consequences. And you must know that these consequences are madness and death.”

When Dylan McAllister finds a notebook hidden in a secret compartment of an old piano, he soon discovers a music that should never be heard by human ears.