“By the Sword” to appear in Hyperpulp


“By the Sword” will be published in Hyperpulp, the Brazilian bilingual magazine of fantastic literature and arts. I like the magazine’s literary take on genre fiction and am excited to reach new readers through a Portuguese translation. The story will appear in issue #5, due out at the end of December.

“By the Sword” is the first of several stories I wrote set the islands of Nara, a fantasy setting inspired by medieval Japan.

Isei must discover the true meaning of the sword when Hideo Yamashita returns to the Mizuhashi sword school. It’s a classic battle between good and evil, between the truth, and the tyranny of lies.

I’ll post more information when the issue become available.

2 thoughts on ““By the Sword” to appear in Hyperpulp”

  1. Thanks, Christina! I had another story that was translated into Greek. Sadly, I don’t read Greek or Portuguese, but its awesome in any case just to them put into another language.

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