A Perfect Game!

perfect game

Thirteen year old Dungeon Solitaire player August Mericle has played a perfect game of Tomb of Four Kings! That means not just a win, but a 100 point win, with all the treasure in hand as one exits the dungeon. August’s dad said he played several hours a day for about four days before winning the perfect game.

As far as I know, August is the first person ever to win a perfect game. I knew it was possible, and thought it was only a matter of time, so I was super excited to hear about his game. I was also very happy to hear the game had been played by a thirteen year old. My early gaming experiences were one of the inspirations for creating Tomb of Four Kings, so it’s great to be able to share it with the next generation of gamers.

A huge congratulations to August on his game! That’s a photo of the winning layout, with eight turns on the delve, four hit points, and all the treasure. Pretty awesome!

*Tomb of Four Kings is available free here.

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  1. […] Like many solitaire games (and Roguelike CRPGs) there’s a big element of chance. Draw a Ten of Spades (10♠) for your first encounter and you’re likely finished – but it’s just a quick shuffle and you can play again. In my own games, I die about half the time and manage to recover the four King Hoards maybe one game in ten. (On his website, Matthew Lowes describes the first known “perfect game”.) […]

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