The Tombs of the Whispering Worms

Mark L. Chance has written an excellent adventure featuring one of my hand drawn maps. “The Tombs of the Whispering Worms” is a descent into madness for Swords & Wizardry or other old school fantasy games. The adventure was recently featured on TSRs blogsite Multiverse, and is available as a free pdf download.

Here’s an image of page 1 (linked to the pdf) and a high resolution unnumbered image of the original map. Hope you enjoy the whispering worms!

The Tombs of the Whispering Worms

A Descent into Madness

2 thoughts on “The Tombs of the Whispering Worms”

  1. Awesome, Matthew! It must be fun for you to see your designs incorporated like that. Have you come across the experience where you see the same map used in two completely different ways by different GMs?

  2. Thanks, yeah, it’s been great to have some maps used in various publications. This is one of my favorite maps so it was really cool to see what Mark did with it. I don’t think I’ve seen two different interpretations of one map yet, but it’s always interesting to hear what people do with them. When I draw them, I have some of my own nebulous ideas about what’s going on in the dungeon, and how I would write an adventure for it if I did. But other GMs come up awesome ideas I’d never even considered, and that’s really fun to see.

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