Labyrinth of Souls Rulebooks Available Now

LoS_FCover_LRulebooks for Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls are now available for $12.99 in the US. You can purchase copies direct from Createspace here (I do get a slightly higher royalty for these sales), but if you’re ordering other stuff, you can get it on Amazon with free shipping. You can also order through most Amazon International sites, immediately … or very soon.

In any case, please take a moment to a review the game on Amazon, or on your blog or social media. Reviews are huge help in spreading the word about Dungeon Solitaire and allowing me to continue making expansions and more games. Check out some quotes from previous reviews and Labyrinth of Souls Kickstarter backers below.


“It’s an amazing game …”
–Tim Snider, The Savage Afterworld

“It is called Dungeon Solitaire … and it is brilliant.”
–John Payne, Sycarion Diversions


“An extremely awesome, super fun game.”

“Amazingly detailed and well thought out … Absolutely fantastic.”

“I have been consumed by this game and overjoyed at how much clever thought went into the making of this project.”

“There are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of solitaire variants out there, but this is exactly what I’ve been looking for since the dawn of time. It’s amazing something like this hasn’t been created until now.”

“Received my book today and absolutely love it.”

“Arrived and I couldn’t stop playing it … :-)”

12 thoughts on “Labyrinth of Souls Rulebooks Available Now”

  1. Hi!
    Will you put the cards on sale? I’m very interested in the deck too!

  2. Yes! As soon as I confirm all cards have shipped to Kickstarter backers, the cards will go on sale as well. I’ll make an announcement here, hopefully within the next week.

  3. Just checking that the tarot sized cards are still happening.
    I recueved a normal sized deck in the mail yesterday but in my original order requested the larger sized deck.
    Will I still get this ?

    Cheers, Drew

  4. Hello,
    Will the larger tarot sized cards still be produced. I recieved a normal size deck in the mail yesterday but originally ordered the larger deck.
    Will I still receive the larger deck?
    Cheers, Drew

  5. Hi Drew,
    Great to hear your cards have arrived! In answer to your questions: the Labyrinth of Souls cards were always planned as a poker sized deck, both to keep costs down and facilitate gameplay. There was no order option for a larger sized deck. Is it possible you’re thinking of another Kickstarter? Either way, I hope you enjoy the game. I’m sorry if you were expecting larger cards, but the delivered decks are the promised size. There is always the possibility we could do a larger deck in the future, but for the moment, poker-size is all that’s available. Thanks again for all your support!
    Best Wishes,

  6. Hi Danilo,
    Yes, the cards will be available very soon! Just have to confirm all the Kickstarter cards have shipped. Should be within the next week or so.

  7. Hi Matthew, thanks for getting back to me. You were right, I was mixing up my kick starters. Sorry I’m really looking forward to watching your YouTube videos the trying out the game. Cheers, Drew

    Sent from my iPhone


  8. Hi Matthew,
    A quick question – do you have an age range in mind for this game. I have a 12 year old son who I think would enjoy it.
    Cheers, Drew

  9. I think 12 would be perfect! One person said their 5 year old daughter was playing the basic version and loving it. At 12 I think you could probably get into all the versions, even Campaign Mode.

  10. Yes. PDF rulebooks will eventually go on sale, probably through One Book Shelf sites like RPG Now and Drivethrough RPG. It should happen in the next two week or so. Cards will go on sale first later this week through Gamecrafter. And then I’ll work on the PDF release. Thanks for your interest. Stay tuned. I’ll make an announcements here.

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