Labyrinth of Souls Tarot Cards Now Available

LoS PreviewThe Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls tarot decks are now on sale through Gamecrafter. So if you were wanting to buy a deck, or you have friends who are interested, for $16.99 you get the 90 card tarot deck and a 34 page Starter Edition rules PDF, with an introduction, Basic Rules, a walkthrough, and references. The full 152 page rulebook is available on Amazon and other online book retailers.

Exclusively illustrated by artist Josephe Vandel, the Labyrinth of Souls tarot deck combines traditional influences with highly original artwork. Dungeon Solitaire fans will find the illustrations perfectly suited to evoking the dark fantasy of the Labyrinth of Souls, and tarot readers will find plenty of detail and symbolic depth within the cards. Within is a complete tarot deck with fully illustrated major arcana, court cards, aces, and ten extra arcana cards specially designed for the Labyrinth of Souls game.

Thanks again to all our backers for helping make this game a reality. It’s now available for everyone to enjoy! If you get a chance, please take a moment to review the book on Amazon and the cards on Gamecrafter. Player reviews are a huge help in spreading the word about independent games like this one. At some point I hope to be able to release an expansion and another similar game with a new theme.

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7 thoughts on “Labyrinth of Souls Tarot Cards Now Available”

  1. The complete rulebook is of course available on Amazon, but at the moment, the are only available through Gamecrafter. There is a good possibility they will soon become available through One Book Shelf, along with a PDF and print editions of the rulebook. The fact that they are not more widely available is because they are still a print on demand product. The more the game catches on, the greater the possibility that I’ll be able to offer a more readily available card deck. There is also the distinct possibility of a Kickstarter to fund a limited print run of a deluxe edition of the cards, printed on all plastic or casino quality cardstock. I can’t say yet when these things will happen, but stay tuned for updates! :)

  2. Get the kick starter going :). Been a advocate of you game for about a week now in gaming groups. Bought a interesting tarot card deck to play expert and advanced. Enjoying the game more so. Brutal how ever lol. Hopefully your seeing the fruits of your labor. Getting a complete package out there soon would be in your best interest. Keep up the good work buddy.

  3. I posted a comment but it didn’t post for some reason. Any how glad to here you reply. I have been a advocate for your game on different gaming groups on Facebook. I picked up a interesting tarot card deck to play the full set of rules in your book. Lots of fun but brutal lol. Really want to get the DS deck but this print on demand thing for me isn;t a good idea. Like the idea of a kick starter though. And your idea about the quality improvement is solid. Keep up the good work. You mention expansions or new games. I hope you are able to bring this as well to fruition. Good luck buddy.

  4. […] forward six months. The game came out to great acclaim, the accompanying deck of Tarot Cards with art by Josephe Vandel is exquisite, and a small group of writers got together to learn to […]

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