Labyrinth of Souls Fiction Project


I am very excited to announce that ShadowSpinners Press will be releasing a series of short stand-alone novels inspired by Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls! A number of outstanding writers have already committed to the project and are at various stages in writing their Labyrinth of Souls books. Authors so far include Elizabeth Engstrom, Eric Witchey, Christina Lay, John Reed, Stephen T. Vessels, Cheryl Owen-Wilson, Cynthia Ray, Pamela Jean Herber, and me.

That’s an incredible list to be a part of, and I am super excited to be working on a project that includes this many amazing writers. And I am overjoyed that they have all showed such an interest in fictionalizing underworld adventures inspired by the Labyrinth of Souls.

The Labyrinth of Souls is more than an ancient ruin filled with monsters, trapped treasure, and the lost tombs of bygone kings. It is a manifestation of a mythic underworld, existing at a crossroads between people and cultures, between time and space, between the physical world and the deepest reaches of the psyche. It is a dark mirror held up to human experience, in which you may find your dreams… or your doom. Entrances to this realm can appear in any time period, in any location. There are innumerable reasons why a person may enter, but it is a place antagonistic to those who do, a place where monsters dwell, with obstacles and illusions to waylay adventurers, and whose very walls can be a force of corruption. It is a haunted place, ever at the edge of sanity.

Each Labyrinth of Souls novel will feature a journey into a unique manifestation of the underworld. Get ready to delve into the Labyrinth in a totally new way, and stay tuned for more author announcements and release dates for the first Labyrinth of Souls novels.

5 thoughts on “Labyrinth of Souls Fiction Project”

  1. Very cool and fun, Matthew! Looking forward to reading those and seeing how other writers narrated their adventures. I have a kind of ongoing lore/history that I keep which is the “story” of my games. Great fuel for the imagination, this game.

  2. Thanks, all! Your support and enthusiasm is greatly appreciated. I’m super excited to bring more Dungeon Solitaire stuff out, including an expansion at some point. Once I get this novel written I’ll have some more time for game development, like rules for demons, alternate suits, new scenarios and magic items. Stay tuned … and keep delving! :)

  3. Attack while Dungeon Solitaire is hot buddy. You have a winner in this game. I know I keep harping on the the deck availability sorry. Really need a viable retail outlet for the cards. Credit card security is a concern for the outlets you have for the cards now :(. So i am still using Tarot cards. Bit waiting to see what you have coming for us. Keep up the good work Matt :).

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